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Dear Friend,

If you need to detox and want to deploy new as well as forgotten detox tactics, this will be the most important message you will ever read.

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There is now a brand spanking new and plant-based "detox soak formula" which is designed to power-flush accumulated toxins… even if… you've been subjected to dangerous levels of toxins for long periods of time. And because time is precious... accomplish this faster than you ever dreamed possible.

News of this “Jacked-Up” detox product (one of the main ingredients is from the Ural Mountains!) is creating a firestorm... all over the world!

Why? The answer is easy: You see, even though this product is extremely bio-active, it contains no risky chemical additives whatsoever… and… according to very impressive anecdotal evidence…

The Great Toxin Take-Down

Now, because your body is literally under siege at this time in history... the formula has to be a bit "over-the-top" to win the day. 

Unfair advantage

That's also why this new product contains 15 different ingredients. Many are highly-unusual (four of which are extremely hard to find right now) which are combined together… in such a way… that scientists call it “synergistic.”

This means… all… of the ingredients… are… designed to work together to be much more effective at producing a safe and highly efficient detox. This is because of the way each of the ingredients interacts with each of the other ingredients in the formula. Thus, this unique soaking is formulated to produce a “chelating” and energizing effect which is… so effective…

It Drags Toxins Out Kicking And Screaming With Jaw Dropping Efficiency!

Cracking The Detox Code?

Introducing the bitch-slapping of dangerous devastating super-toxins?  

The secret is in the ingredients and the ingenious way they are combined. The main ingredient (the one from Northern Russia) appears to deactivate the effects of EMFs and other wave-related dangers... giving you an unfair advantage over this type of invisible damage.

Therefore, it works to support and promote the synchronization of all of the bodies natural defenses and prevents the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation from having a chance to do more damage over time.

Another works as a chelating agent helping the body to eliminate and pull out toxins... especially today's nano-heavy metals. (Note this is very important ... because... some nano toxins are actually capable of self-assembling and appear to actually increase concentrations over time.)

Several other ingredients act as potent, advanced antioxidants which are capable of entering the body through your body's largest organ... the skin. This provides insurance by keeping your body from attacking itself which is the case in "crunch time" cytokine storm reactions.) 

This combination of ingredients works with down and dirty efficiency to replenish as well as enhance the immune system and provide metabolic “insurance” so your biochemistry is optimized and remains at a continuously high level.

The other ingredients influence the bodies ability to get rid of poisons by optimizing uptake of key healthy and crucial minerals and maximizing their absorption into the body.

It's that simple.

Warning: This is not a formula for wimps and whiners.

Here's What's In Survival Soak


An Enormously Effective Ingredient Now Available In The U.S. For The First Time! 

Most (but not all) the mineral shungite comes from Russia, specifically the North-Western region and is found among the Karelian rock outcrops and quarries. Shungite is one the oldest minerals on the planet. Many researchers believe the mineral is from space coming here in the form of a meterorite. Others think shungite is terrestrial and is very old and early.

This rare mineral, shungite is composed of mostly of carbon. Much like diamonds.  But unlike diamonds… shungite contains “fullerenes” in their natural form. What are fullerenes you ask?

“It’s complicated,” as Jack Nickolas famously once said. But here’s a brief description:

The carbon found in fullerenes can be called “chained up” and these natural “fullerene chains” connect together to form cages or lattices and yep it’s one of those natural nanoparticles. The kind we can send (as an assassin) after the bad guy nanos in the great nanowars we are now engaged in.

Importantly for a detox soak, one of the more common fullerene structures in Shugnite is C60. (C60 consists of 60 carbon atoms) We use type 1 shungite which is sometimes called “elite” or “noble” shungite.

Why? This type of shungite is close to pure carbon (almost 99%) and may be the reason this mineral resonates with unusual energy flows that are “interatomic” in nature. Some have called these properties radionic.

Recent drilling studies have found that these waters flow through a large Shungite formation. This scientific discovery was an explanation of the healing properties of this natural source of water. You can learn more in our special section

It is also important that, scientific studies have confirmed that Shungite has the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves of high frequency. This is a protection against EMF. Indeed, sources of such EMF waves are almost all electrical appliances, mobile phones and Wi-Fi with networks 5G it surrounds almost every person in the modern world. It’s really an amazing ability that this all-natural material has.

“Shungite samples exhibit antioxidant activity, which manifests itself in the ability to reduce oxidized components and to bind to free radicals."

Zeolite: Cages For Toxins?

Documentation that supports the safe and effective use of zeolite for human detoxification purposes is abundant in the scientific literature. Some good studies below.

The Zeolite Key?

Interestingly, zeolite has a cage-like structures at the molecular level.

The cool thing? This zeolite “cage” is one the few mineral structures in existence that carries a negative carries a negative charge. Having a negative charge, it naturally attracts positively charges which include heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminum and even radioactive ions! As you can see, the cage then acts as a kind of trap.

Okay, once zeolite is in the body… it goes to work quickly, moving through blood, tissue organs and glands trapping  the heavy metals.  The little cage-like structures gather and trap the metals and then are execrated 6 hours or so later.

Many different types of zeolites are found all over the earth. One of the best cage making zeolites is Clinoptilolite Zeolite. So that’s the one we use. (I love this stuff!)

 Kaolin Clay: Inflammation Support 

Kaolin clay is made up of kaolinite, a mineral named after a hill named Kao-Ling in China where it was mined for centuries. Interestingly, most Kaolin clay these days doesn’t come from China. Rather, it is mined in Brazil, India and the U.S. as well as other places.

It seems to form in hot, humid climates. The clay itself contains zinc, selenium, manganese and copper and is made up of mineral crystals such as quartz and silica.

Interesting facts and possible benefits associated with Kaolin Clay include:

It has a pH level very close to human skin. That said, it has a high value

It can help manage signs of both inflammation and aging

Kaolin clay has been used in traditional medicine to fight infections and has been thought to be effective for a broad spectrum of pathogens that create the conditions for acne and skin rashes.

Some kaolin clays have been used stop bleeding. A fascinating study reveals how the naval Medical Research Institute uses kaolin related infusions to treat gauze wraps which they believe slows infections when treating wounded soldiers.  See the article below for more information.

Dead Sea Salt:

Our Planets Lifeblood

Himalaya Salt

Our planet’s oceans are its lifeblood and its lifeline to balance. Most readers know that sea salt has a high concentration of minerals as well as trace elements and that soaking in sea salt is one proven way of getting minerals and trace elements into the body through the skin.

The therapeutic use of sea salts goes way back to the Chinese. Some say 3000 years back. The Greeks weren’t far behind and you can find references to Hippocrates using it in his practice. He’s considered to be the father of modern medicine. Supposedly, he used therapeutically for deep skin cracks among other maladies. He also mentioned its ability to disinfectant. The ancient Celtic peoples have also used sea salt as part of their ancient, traditional approach to medicine They used it for both mental as well as physical imbalances.

Sea salt produces negative ions. It could be possible that getting these "negative ions" in our bodies through soaks, baths and even breathing bath vapors helps to eliminate toxins and environmental poisons from our bodies. At a minimum, stress relief seems to be among sea salts many benefits. Heck, some say there are anti-inflammation benefits as well. 

"Sea salt is especially valued for the high amounts of trace minerals that it contains. In fact, some sea salts contain more than 80 trace minerals"

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”
Matthew 5:13

Activated Charcoal:

Amazing Adsorptive Capacity!


Charcoal been used by Native Americans here in North American for insect stings, skin infections and a whole host of other uses. Activated charcoal taken internally has also been reported to support lower lipid bound cholesterols and triglycerides.

Here’s what’s interesting about activated charcoal: A small amount, like a just teaspoon for example, has a remarkable adsorptive capacity… 10,000 square feet of helpful adsorptive surface area!  And, this is what makes it a detox aid. Activated charcoal then, binds to toxins and other dangerous chemicals. Some of them reported in the research are pesticides, lead and mercury.

Further, activated charcoal has been used effectively for poultices and seems to work great for poison ivy, insect bites and stings.

Important: Activated Charcoal is so powerful in fact, that if you use it orally… you should always take it between meals, and an hour or two after taking medicines, vitamins or other supplements. (this, because it may interfere with the absorption of the meds or supplements and render them useless) This alone tells you how what its capable of absorbing.

This should also tell you why I like it as a detox and survival soak ingredient. You don’t have to worry about it interfering with your meds or your supplements.

"The charcoal is “activated” when it’s heated to a very high temperature. This changes its structure. Heating gives the fine carbon powder a larger surface area, which makes it more porous. This lets the charcoal collect toxins, chemicals, and other unwanted materials, like smells from stinky feet and odors in the fridge."

“Activated charcoal has an ability to adsorb a wide variety of substances. This property can be applied to prevent the gastrointestinal absorption of various drugs and toxins and to increase their elimination, even after systemic absorption”

Organic Alfalfa:

Underrated Detoxer


Alfalfa could be one of the most underrated detox plant ever studied. But before I go on to tell you how amazing it is, let me give you the bad news first. Ready?

This is messy stuff in a bath tub. So, there is some additional clean-up (not much really) beyond a normal store bought Epson salt or spa type of soaks. Okay, that’s the bad news.

The good news is that alfalfa has a long history of use in traditional remedies.

One of the more impressive thing about alfalfa is the alkaline environment it seems to create. Alfalfa as a remedy is called “Mu-Su” in traditional Chinese medicine. Some say the Persians used it first and began to use it in trade with the Chinese. From what I’ve been able to discern, Chinese doctors used it many purposes but especially for ulcers.

Additional good news is that alfalfa is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It’s kind of like a plant version of an all-natural multivitamin. Most of the B vitamin spectrum of vitamins are in it. Also C, K, not to mention a nice amount of bio-available copper and manganese. The saponins and the chlorophyll content alone are worth looking into further too especially for detox purposes.


By the way, research has been done on alfalfa’s anti-inflammatory effects. It seems to work by suppressing the production of inflammatory compounds known as cytokines.  

I got interested in the use of alfalfa detox baths after reading so many posts about alfalfa detox baths for Morgellons. Officially this disease doesn’t exist. But I know folks are in pain so something must be going on. I also heard Dr. Carrie Madej talk about it’s use in nano particle detox.  That’s said, I make no medical claims about alfalfa. More research is needed.

 Lastly, most alfalfa widely sold is full of GMO’s and has most likely been sprayed with nano- pesticides. We get our alfalfa from local framers with small plots who believe in sustainable methods and so forgo the heavy handed use of pesticides and herbicides

"Alfalfa is a particularly valuable leguminous herb, not only rich in the principal mineral and chemical elements in the constitution of the human body, but it also has many of the trace elements obtained from deep in the soil where the roots reach down 30 to 100 feet."

“Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so..”
Genesis 1:29-30

Bentonite Clay:

Highly Charged!

Bentonite is an edible, mineral-rich clay and it has been used as a healing clay for centuries. It is said that what make it’s a healing clay is its ability to draw away toxins from the body.

So far so good, right? But it might be different than you think.  Here’s why. Rather than sponging toxins, (absorbing) soaking them up like a cleaning sponge… this kind of clay works more like a magnet. I know not many are familiar with the term adsorption and rightly so, it’s a little complicated and not talked about much by official looking medical people. Most likely because there’s no point in patenting it at this point. No big money to be made.

Anyway, bentonite clay carries both positive and negative charges. Poisons, toxins and heavy metals seem to be attracted to it like insects to one of those bug lights on a hot summer night here in Northern Illinois. The bad stuff has a boding festival with the highly charged clay and are removed from the body. That’s the theory. I make no medical claims here.

Some use it to assist in the process of liver detoxification. Bentonite clay has been used for the elimination of  intestinal parasites in addition to strengthen the immune system. And again, it’s used a lot for compresses and clay packs. Makes sense given that its jam packed with calcium, potassium and more.

Keep in mind, one of the main uses of bentonite clay is as an adsorption solution for heavy amounts of radiation. It has been used to help decontaminate both Chernobyl as well as Fukushima. So yes, it adsorbs radiation. Wow, right?

"Negatively-charged ions may enhance our immune defenses, reduce susceptibility to colds and the flu as well as provide relief from
migraine headaches, allergies and hay fever"

“He answered and said, A man that is called Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, Go to the pool of Siloam, and wash: and I went and washed, and I received sight..”
John 9:11

Epson Salt: Neuro-Protectant 

Epsomite is another name for Epsom salts. Sounds more scientific doesn’t it? Doesn’t really matter what word or words we use, the main thing to keep in mind is that this substance is combination of magnesium and sulfate. By the way, the name “Epsom salts” comes from its discovery place near Surrey England, the town of Epsom.

Turns out a cow hand name Henry Wicker ( back in the early 1600s) noticed that cows wouldn’t drink the water near a certain spring. But they would stand in it a as well as walk though it. He made the observation that their would would heal up pretty quick after standing in the water.

The main take-a-away here is that magnesium has many roles in the human body. Most people don’t realize that magnesium is necessary in the enzymatic reactions of over 300 crucial enzyme processes. It has a history improving oxygenation (perhaps via blood flow) and is considered a neuro-protectant my many.

The sulfate part is just as interesting. Sulfate (a compound ion of oxygen and sulfur) is helps flush toxins and is vital to skin, joint and bone health.

Sulfates are considered an important support material for nervous tissue and healthy joints. And they may help to eliminate toxins too in addition to other things.

The combination of magnesium and sulfate is said to help remove toxins from the body. Using Epsom salt baths is an advanced detoxification strategy that has remarkable health benefits using a kind of reverse osmosis that seems to pull toxins out while at the same time allowing the flow of magnesium and sulfate into your body.

The history of Epson salt use goes back to traditional Chinese medicine where it is said it was used to kill certain bacteria and some funguses.

Spiritualists say epsomite clears your aura. The theory is that when you are around others, in public places or if you have people in your life that operate on an ego conciseness, that these auric fields bleed over and on to you. Like you are covered in fly paper, sticky. Maybe you know someone that seems to drain you. I’m thinking this is what the spiritualists are saying when they say that Epsom salts “clears” these auric fields. I have no evidence to support this but admit it is very interesting. They also say Epsom salts are an “earth element” which has a ground effect that maybe beneficial.

No claims are made, other than my fascination with some of the spiritual properties Epsom salts are said to have.

Baking Soda Does What?

So what’s the big deal about baking soda, anyway? Well, baking soda acts like a bio-hazard team on high-alert, working furiously to absorb all manner of messes. Then hauling them out to a safe bio-hazard safe dumpster for secure disposal.

Baking soda has crystalline characteristics as it’s made from sodium carbonate. When used on skin in a bath soak for example, baking soda quickly sooths prickly heat, insect bites and poison ivy.

Plus, almost everyone knows how baking soda sucks up smells in refrigerators and cat litter boxes. It really does love to suck up and neutralize all kinds of putrid odors.

It’s widely known that experiments at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico used baking soda to remediate radioactive soil, removing 92 percent of the uranium from the contaminated soil.

I’ve also read that baking soda is used in many oncology facilities in case of accidental chemo therapy spills. It’s been used intravenously in the event of chemo toxicity overdose as well. I guess it just can't help itself from from grabbing on to toxins whn it gets a chance. 

Baking soda is mined commercially all over the planet. Places as diverse as Uganda, California, Botswana have sizable deposits.

EDTA: Chelation Automation

Arguably EDTA is one of the greatest health breakthroughs most have never even heard of. In fact, I’ve seen it called “The 23 Cent Life-Saver Heart Surgeons Never Tell You About! One advertisement for it said “the astonishing health miracle 1.5 million grateful patients swear by.”

Here’s Why:

It’s so safe, it’s FDA approved for use in baby food. Proven three times safer than aspirin – used worldwide for over 50 years without any adverse effects. There are in fact, over 1500 medical studies on this stuff.

EDTA was first synthesized in Germany back in the 1930s. It’s a simple amino acid very similar in composition to regular house-hold vinegar. And being safe like vinegar, the American Heart Association has recommended large intravenous does of EDTA for people who have been exposed to toxic levels of aluminum, mercury and cadmium.

When a doctor administers intravenous EDTA, the procedure is call chelation therapy. The word “chelation” is acquired from the Greek word for claw. The EDTA claws at toxins and poisons the way a bird of prey’s claws and dispatches a helpless field mouse.

Important: In the 1940s the US Navy began using EDTA to remove dangerous levels of metals and toxins from the circulatory system of sailors. From the reports, many of them enjoyed better circulatory system markers. I believe it was Linus Pauling that confirmed that information.

It’s truly remarkable stuff.

" Scientists have determined that any substance/compound under 500 Daltons (in size) penetrates the skin. Further, most effective transdermal patches and other “topical” drug-delivery systems when used in the field of dermatology are all under 500 Daltons.

Important: EDTA has a Dalton weight of just 292.21(Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid/Molar mass) which means it fits nicely into the skin-sensitive delivery system requirements."

“Discovered almost by accident, the U.S. Navy began to use ETDA sometime in the forties to remove heavy metal contaminates from the blood of sailors. In fact, it worked so well and so safely, that it was noticed by the FDA who later approved it for the treatment of heavy metal toxicity. Nobel prise winning researcher Linus Pauling looked at EDTA too and dicovered a curious side effect from its use. He found that it also worked to rid arteries of plaque build ups in the circulatory system.”

Rose Powder:

Phytogenic Properties Galore!

The botanical name for rose petals is rosa indica.

Rose powder has a high reputation within the history of traditional and  medicine. Maybe “legendary” is a better word than reputation here as rose packs a punch.

Rose powder contains many important flavonoids and saponins. Saponins are subclass of terpenoids, the largest class of plant extracts. The amphipathic nature of these terpenes gives them surfactant characteristics with the potential ability to interact with cell membrane components.

That’s important because rose powder contains the usual array of vitamins and minerals but also interesting tannins as well as the radioactive protective, gallic acid. Please don’t underestimate gallic acid and the other potent natural bio-active compounds.

The Chinese approach to medicine and healing involves understanding patterns of health. The human body is seen as a whole operational system as opposed to individually abstracted parts only. Which is why Chinese traditional healers look at “patterns of health” to determine what’s wrong with their patients. According to theory, there is a heavy health price to pay for disharmony with respect to dysfunctional patterns.

Further, in this way of thinking, out of balance mentally is hardwired to out of balance physically. When the body is out of balance mentally you’re open to sickness.

This is were rose comes in. Rose is used to break patterns of disharmony, creating a sense of forgiveness. I guess it just makes sense that in Ayurvedic medicine many of the ancient texts speak of using it to heal the heart. In addition to its emotional balancing properties its also know for its effects on hair and skin. (which makes it a great addition to Survival Soak as long as you don’t mind smelling a little like rose petals)

Lastly, in the world of essential oils, rose carries the single highest energy signature of all essential oils.

"A wonderful nervine, great for uplifting the mood and alleviating depression, rose also has antispasmodic, aphrodisiac and sedative qualities, as well as being anti-inflammatory."

Throughout the human history, rose has been the symbol of love, purity, devotion, beauty, spirituality.
It is native of Asia, North America and North Western Africa, and mentioned in the ancient medical text of
China, India, Iran, Egypt, Greece and Italy. Rose has always influenced cultures aesthetically, economically,
medically, religiously and spiritually. The petals, rose hip, stem, leaves and roots of rose plant contains various
secondary metabolites and nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Powdered Watercress:

The Phytochemical Factor


One of the oldest known leaf vegetables known to mankind is watercress. It is considered a cruciferous vegetable like broccoli and cauliflower. This means it could very well boost your body’s own detox system as it contains key phytochemicals that are said to stimulate the enzymes that are responsible for shuttling out toxins.

Loaded with antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory properties, some researchers think render free radicals at the cellular level.

Honestly, watercress could be the world’s oldest super-food.

The founder of medicine, Hippocrates, who traveled with Greek troops as a field doctor is said to always locate his field hospitals  close to streams with fresh watercress because he used for some treatments. It is said that he also prescribed watercress as a pre-battle super tonic for Greek soldiers. From what I have read, he thought it acted as a blood cleanser of sorts.

Important: Researchers at William Peterson University studied 47 “power-house” fruits and vegetables to determine the best super-foods people can consume. Out of all the super-foods they tested, watercress scored highest!

Watercress also contains a phytochemical called glucosinolate, which produces isothiocyanates, an important anti-cancer compound.

*No claims are made connecting watercress with the elimination of any kind of cancer. Neither are claims made indicating this product cures cancer.

 Aloe Vera: Critical Compounds

Over 200 nutrients are present in aloe vera. This includes critically important enzymes and polysaccharides. 18 amino acids, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and most of the Bs. Selenium and important sulphates too.

Aloe Vera contains useful and effective compounds with respect to detoxification. A couple of enzymes of note are amylase and lipase. These two are always on the list of enzymes that break down sugars and fats.

Such enzymes as lipase and amylase helps to break down sugars and fats. Furthermore, aloe vera juice has more than twenty amino acids. It also contains vitamin B12.

Aloe vera also contains very potent anthraquinones, (twelve of them in fact!) Two of them, aloin and emodin act as antivirals, analgesics and antibacterials.

Even organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), admit that aloe vera is the single most bioactive plant on the earth. It was picked out and studied against over 400 other plants to gain this status. Aloe vera also contains it’s fair share of powerful detox tannins, phenols and flavonoids.

Historical use would include the 6000 year old Egyptians. Aloe vera was indeed highly regarded in than ancient land. So much so, that the Egyptians called aloe vera's healing juices, the “secret blood” of immortality. Both Cleopatra as well as Nefertiti (queen during Egypt’s golden age) are both said to have used aloe vera daily for its beauty as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

One paper mentioned that the juice was used as part of the embalming of Egyptian nobility because of its ant-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics. A document known as the "Eber Papyrus" mentions aloe vera as being known as “the plant of eternity.”  And lastly, a few studies looked at aloe vera’s effectiveness on diabetes-induced nephropathy in rats which is really interesting as well. See below for the studies.

"The plant Aloe vera is used in Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and Allopathic streams of medicine, and not only tribal com-
munity but also most of the people for food and medicine. The plant leaves contains numerous vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, natural sugars and other bio-active compounds with emollient, purgative, antimicrobial,
 anti inflammatory, anti-oxidant, aphrodisiac, anti-helmenthic, antifungal, antiseptic and cosmetic values for health care."

He was accompanied by Nicodemus, the man who earlier had visited Jesus at night. Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about seventy-five pounds. (John 19:39)

Powdered Pine Needle:

Friendly Flavonoids


Many indigenous people throughout history have used pine needles for a verity of health issues. This “use” has run the gamut of from imbalances to many illnesses like nervous disorders to respiratory issues. Many cultures using pine needles in healing also believe pine to possess magical powers that can promote safety and prosperity as well as create a kind of “hedge of protection” from negative energies of all kinds.  

More alternative health seekers are becoming aware that drinking pine needle tea is an old, old practice thought to enhance the immune system and improve respiratory conditions. Pine needles seem to have a high amount of proanthocyanidins and antioxidant catechins, a-pinene, phenolic compounds, and a whole host of plant sterols found in the needles.

It’s important to know that quite a few drugs are created from pine needles. The drug Suramin is an interesting one for detoxers. Here’s why. Suramin was one of the first drugs to really help with River Blindness. (another parasite). The negative charges of Suramin actually promote the binding of various proteins. Further, Suramin is readily taken up by human endothelial cells.

Another med, Tamiflu which contains shikimic acid found in pine needles. Tamiflu was designed to stop or slow down the replication of viruses in the body. Shikimic acid is also known to have antiviral properties and even some anti-thrombotic characteristics. Tamiflu had even been recommended for swine and bird flus.

Turpentine is yet another by-product of pine needles.

 Dandelion: Powerhouse Detoxifier

Dandelions have been used in the practice of healing for as long as folks have been keeping records. Native Americans ate the whole plant for food and energy balance. Greek and Roman healers used the plant (especially the root) for a variety of fascinating purposes.

Important: Dandelions contain aesculin. Aesculin is used in medicine as a vaso-protective agent to aid and improve cellular integrity.

The dandelion root is a remarkable tonic herb that is known for its restorative “cooling signature” and has been used to encourage resilience, recovery and strength. Most of the historical use has been to cleanse the liver and kidneys. Most of the historical detox use of dandelion root has been aimed at the liver.

Most know the human liver is single largest organ in our bodies. Its tasks are many (actually over 500 functions) as it’s the part of the digestive system responsible for producing chemicals that help us, not only digest in our food properly, but also chemicals that help us optimize normal detoxification of the body. Overworked liver could result in poor natural detoxification.

In fact, research has demonstrated that the liver can be supported with dandelion root. In addition to liver and kidney support, dandelion has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years for improving gallstones, urinary track issues and overall bladder health.

Plus, there is reason for hope on the cancer front with respect to the dandelions. More than a few, peer-reveived papers on its efficacy. No claims are made by the previous comments. Simply siting the literature.

Bottom Line: The liver gets flooded with known, dangerous toxins each day. It needs support. This is 2022. But here’s the thing: There are many new toxins that haven’t been put on the “stuff will kill ya” list yet. Dangerous world out there.

Star Anise: Your Shikimic Source

According to some experts, star anise the greatest single source of shikimic acid on the entire planet. And, as mentioned early in the pine needle section above, shikimic acid is used in the production of Tamiflu. Now, from what I’ve read in the published literature, it’s the shikimic acid (along with other chemicals in star anise) that seems to act to block an enzyme that works to help viruses replicate. In pharmaceutical terms this is known as an neuraminidase inhibitor.

Some studies also found hopeful possibilities for support for viral infections as well as antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. (See more information section below.) In addition, star anise may keep oxidative stress from damaging cells.

The plant “star anise” itself is a type of member of the evergreen family. This tree is native to China and Vietnam. It has a strong licorice signature and the Chinese use it in cooking to flavor many dishes there.

The licorice flavor comes from a chemical compound called anethole. Anethole is thought be an another enzyme activator or potentiator. From this, many speculate that it can help digest and process proteins more efficiently. Star anise also contains limonene and linalool which very powerful plant terpenes. There is some evidence to suggest that Limonene has anticancer properties. Linalool may have supporting characteristics for blood flow.

Interestingly, the Latin name for the tree is Illicium Verum. The first word comes from the Latin word "illicio" which means to seduce. The second word "Verum" means true or genuine. Star anise’s storehouse of powerful chemical compounds certainly makes it an enticing natural agent for living life in a very toxic world.


Obviously, this is not an ordinary "muscle soak" or detox  product. It is truly extraordinary. If you follow the simple instructions and use the product as directed… YOU WILL… reverse dangerous levels of graphene and other heavy metals in your body! However, there is a trend in this country (especially among ) to want instant cleansing results. You should be aware that detoxing too fast may itself cause side effects. 

Therefore, before you start any detox program (especially one which works as fast as this one) you should get advice from your physician on how fast it is safe for you to rid your body of graphene oxide. Also, you and your physician… together… should determine your personal detox goals.




Single Layer

Nano Tubes

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Home Toxins

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Electronics Dumping

                     Guaranteed  Graphene Reduction!

Because this product is so incredibly effective… and… because it is natural and so safe… it is being sold with the most amazing guarantee in the world. Check this out: Use the product as directed and follow the simple instructions which come in the package. Then, just look in the mirror every day to see the visible results of this powerful detoxifing soak… you'll even feel stronger… because unwanted nano-particles… totally disappear… so you can see the results - right before your very eyes! You will be totally thrilled with your safe, rapid and dramatic detox.

However… if you are dissatisfied, simply return… product container with… about how you used the product… (three times a week) followed the simple instructions… and then… Powerful Living LLC,  (the only company authorized to sell this product in the U.S.) will send you… double your money back!

And, guess what? This is not a 10-day guarantee. This is not a 30-day guarantee. This is not a 90-day guarantee. No. This is a Lifetime guarantee!

How can Powerful Living make such a guarantee? How can they offer a Lifetimedouble-your-money-back… guarantee?

Well, you can only make this type of guarantee… if… you are 100% certain… your product… is going to… almost force… heavy metals including graphene oxide out of the body.

It’s just that simple.

The name of the product is the “Survival Soak” and, it is easy to order. All you have to do is call 1-866-202-3837 ext. 154 and order with your credit card. You can call anytime… 24-hours per day… 7-days a week.

Supply Options

$39.95 for a 30-day supply. $69.95 for a 60-day supply (you save 12.5%)… or… a full 90-day supply for only $97.97 (you save 18.3%). Whatever quantity you order, you must also pay an additional $7.95 per order for shipping and handling. Orders will be shipped within 24-hours on a first-come, first-served basis… and… please keep calling back (there is an enormous demand for this product) if our phone lines are busy.

Thank you.

You can Send a Check or money Order to:

Powerful Living

2200 IL Rt HWY  84

P.O. Box 361

Thomson, IL 61285

P.S. You should not order... a... 90-day supply... unless... you need to detox an extraordinary dosage of heavy metals or graphine. 

  • Shungite
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Watercress
  • Horsetail Grass
  • Dandelion
  • Star Anise
  • Pine needle
  • Activated Charcoal
  • EDTA
  • Rose Powder
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Organic Alfalfa
  • Zeolite
  • Bentonite Clay

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